Coles Sale 30 Aug – 5 Sep 2023

The new half-price sale is the most interesting deal as you start browsing the new catalogue. Double your shopping budget with the help of these deals. Coles offers Thins chips, Nescafé, Lindt Cornet, Toblerone, and more products at lower costs. Shop your grocery and snack needs at Coles to get super hero builders. The participating brands of the superhero builders are shown on certain pages. You can browse some of them on pg 5. Buy Helga’s Bread, Helga’s Wraps, and more items to get bonus characters. Also, you have Father’s Day products. Buy treats and essentials of brunch.

Coles Sale 30 Aug - 5 Sep 2023

From the first page of Coles Sale 30 Aug – 5 Sep in the catalogue:

  • Thins Potato Chips 150g-175g $2.35
  • Nescafe Coffee Sachets 8 Pack-10 Pack $3.80
  • Lindt Cornet 327g-333g $12
  • Toblerone 360g $6

All of which are half-price deals on the first page. You can also shop these products and get bonus characters at Coles stores:

  • Helga’s Bread 650g-850g $4.90
  • Helga’s Wraps 445g-508g $4
  • Primo Sliced Meats 80g-100g $6.30

Coles Father’s Day special sale has a great range of treats and brunch ideas. Take a look at some of those deals in Coles Sale 30 Aug – 5 Sep:

  • ½ price Darrell Lea Raspberry Bullets Assorted Gift Box 400g
  • ½ price Cadbury Favourites Big Share 820g $16
  • ½ price Golden Crumpet Rounds 6 Pack $2.20
  • ½ price Nescafe Coffee Sachets 8 Pack-10 Pack $3.80

Many more are available in Coles Catalogue this week. Subscribe to the newsletter to get more of these catalogues in the future.

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