Coles Seafood Sale Catalogue 20 – 27 Jan 2016

COLES SEAFOOD ON SALE THIS WEEK Coles Seafood Sale Catalogue 20 - 27 Jan 2016

Tow days left to Australian Day. If you are still thinking about what you will do for dinner. Here is your best solution about this issue ; If you are looking for healthy seafood, you can find the best solution for yourselves in Coles! Coles kitchen’s stars are offering you to cook really healthy food for this dinner! You can have perfect seafood which is also tasty! Make your dinner table much more healthier and tastier with Coles’ amazing offer for your dinner! Check banana prawns for great price. Just $18 kg. This product has certifield sustainable seafood MSC and Australian Seafood. It means it perfect taste. You can prepare amazing dinner for your family with this product. Also if you want you can choose Salmon skin on portions. This product also certified by ASC. Coles products are high quality as you can see. There is many product certified and selling great price. Coles cares your health.

Imported garlic or chili prawn skewers just $1. This product made from the Deli. Its really full of taste and healthful. You can enjoy your dinner with perfect seafood! Coles gives you a perfect chance to make your dinners special!

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