Coles Snack Sale 1 – 7 Jul 2020 | Products From Catalogue

Some popular chips, biscuits, rice crackers, and similar products at Coles snacks this week.Coles Snack Sale 1 - 7 Jul 2020 | Products From Catalogue Using the catalogue, you’ll have access to the best prices of the snacks this week. Many of them are half-price deals, too. Buy Red Rock Deli potato chips 150-165g for 2/$7 at Coles supermarket this week. One of the good things about this sale is that you have multiple-buy savings. That means you can buy bulky and have a lot of snacks at lower costs. The disadvantage is that if your budget is not enough to buy for a week, you’ll need to pay the single item price which is normally relatively higher than the multiple-buy deal price. New products at Coles are also available in this part of the Coles Snack Sale 1 – 7 Jul:

More deals including half-price savings from Coles Snack Sale 1 – 7 Jul 2020:

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