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Coles Snack Sale 10 - 16 Jun 2020Coles snack sale 10 – 16 Jun is browsable on the latest catalogue. Chips, confectionery, chocolate bars, chocolate blocks, soda packs, and top brands are what basically is being offered for the week. As usual, there are some important half-price deals, too. Multiple-buy is always profitable in a grocery store like Coles. One of the multiple-buy choices is a deal for Smith’s, CC’s, Natural Chip Co., and Harvest Snaps products. See these chips packs on pg 17. Chips are the classic snacks but they are the best companion when you are watching a really good movie on TV. In this category, you’ll be able to find water, coke, Red Bull, and Gatorade, too. Doritos and Smith’s potato chips are half-price deals this week. Coles Catalogue has some of the top deals:

Find the core of the half-price deals on snacks on pg 21. These are the classic, top quality snacks we all love. Although they are high calories when consumed too much, they are some of the best friends you can find in a Coles supermarket. More of Coles Snack Sale 10 – 16 Jun:

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