Coles Snack Sale 13 – 19 May 2020

Coles Snack Sale 13 - 19 May 2020You have the best prices of Coles for snacks and drinks like Twisties and Powerade. Stock up some nice snacks at home. You’ll be able to buy new products, too. New snacks are always nice for a change. Coles Catalogue promotes the new flavour of Natural Chip Co. Lentil Craves. Sea salt and sour cream flavours are going to be 2 for $5. Lindt Lindor bag is one of the chocolate deals by Coles this week. It’s a very popular and a classic brand people like. Not just in Australia, all around the world, this chocolate brand offers a really nice range. The price of that bag is going to be only $12 for 2. Cadbury products are also traditionally popular in Coles stores. Cadbury family, Marvellous creations or Bubbly block chocolate will be a half-price deal this week. Shop crackers, bars, and more candies in this catalogue. All products of Coles Snack Sale 13 – 19 May can be viewed on the Coles Catalogue.

Biscuits, cookies, coke and more sodas appear on pg 28-29. It’s a nice product range with a lot of new discounts on your favourite soda brands. Coles Snack Sale 13 – 19 May offers these products and prices:

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