Coles Snack Sale 27 Nov – 3 Dec 2019

Snack sale of Coles doesn’t seem different from the weekly special sales except for the Christmas treats. This week you can shop plenty of new half-price deals starting on Wednesday. You have Maltesers, Allen’s, Mars, Natural Chip co. Ritz, and more brands of lovely snacks. The deals on chips, chocolate boxes, and everyone’s favourite soda packs are viewable in the catalogue. Coke’s 30-pack deal is on pg 20. Stock-up refreshment in your fridge while Coles Catalogue offers some good deals. You have the chance to save on these products.

Christmas treats have always been popular in November and December. No wonder why. But you should see some good savings. Ferrero Rocher gift box is a nice item on the first page where you have the half-price deal on it. Pay only $6.30 for that product. See these Christmas chocolates and treats:

More half-price deals on Coles Snack sale 27 Nov:

Coles Catalogue can offer many more than this. It may be a very profitable trade for both the retailer and the customer this week. In December, I expect many more Christmas Catalogues from retailers like Coles. Don’t forget to see these. Also see:

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