Coles Snack Sale 6 – 12 May 2020 | Catalogue Deals

Coles Snack Sale 6 - 12 May 2020Popular snacks and beverage brands are going to be half-price or on sale at Coles supermarket this week. I think everybody needs enough stocks of snacks at home nowadays. Refreshing ice-cold Lipton ice tea 1.5L will cost half this week. 8 items of the snack sale are half-price deals. Coles snack sale 6 – 12 May is a great source of half prices. One of the Coles specials and a new product is Old Gold block chocolate with 6 different flavours by Cadbury. It’s a half-price deal on pg 28. A lot of appetizer ideas are also possibly interesting offers from this snack sale. Coles Catalogue is also a place to shop some healthy snacks for breakfast.

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