Coles Snack Sale 8 – 14 Jan 2020

Coles Snack Sale 8 - 14 Jan 2020Get your gear for the beginning of the last weeks of summer. Have some proper food for the guests and fill your cabinet. Save with Coles snack sale 8 – 14 Jan 2020 which has Lipton ice tea multiple-buy deal for you on pg 10. Lower calories now. 2 for $6.20. Soda packs are an important part of the Coles snack sale 8 – 14 Jan. You can see them on the next page of the Lipton deal. Also, see deals on chips of Doritos, Smith’s, and more snacks there. If bars of chocolates and confectionery are interesting to you, visit pg 12-13 for cool deals. You can save $1.25 on Lindt Excellence black chocolate priced at $3. You have more chips and interesting deals there.

Check out the last deal of the snack – drink part of Coles Catalogue on pg 14. Gatorade sports drink of 600 mL bottles will cost only $1.82 which is a half price.

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