Coles Snack Sale Catalogue 9 – 15 Dec 2015

COLES SNACK TIME ! Coles Snack Sale Catalogue 9 - 15 Dec 2015

Economic and delicious offers are at Coles. In this catalogue, from snacks to drinks, you can find everything you  need for Christmas. Make your Christmas evenings more fun with these products of Coles. Choose from our huge selection of chips. Potato and corn chips are at Coles and Twisties Cheese Chips and CC’s Corn Chips are half price now. Also, get 2 of Thins or Natural Chip Company Potato Chips and pay only $5. Moreover, Smith’s Crinkle Potato Chips are at discount too. The most delicious chips are on sale with the best prices at Coles. Don’t miss it!

Treat yourself with the sweet products of Coles. For Christmas, many products are half price now.Get your favourite products with big saves. Linolt Lindor Gift Box Chocolate Balls, Cadbury Favourites Git Box, Mars Maltesers and Cadbury Roses Tin are the sweetest gifts you could get for your beloved ones. Take a look at our full catalogue for more. Also, all kind of drinks are on sale at Coles. Soft drinks, fruit drinks, energy drinks, brewed drinks and many more are in this catalogue. Make any combination from 2 litres of Golden Circle Fruit Juice, Fruit Drinks or 2 litres of Cordial. 2 of them are only $5! Economic ideas for Christmas are at Coles. Enjoy!

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