Coles Snack Sale Half-Price 29 Apr – 5 May 2020

Coles Snack Sale Half-Price 29 Apr - 5 May 2020Buy chips, chocolate candies, bags of sweet stuff, and more products in the Coles snack sale half-price range from the latest Coles Catalogue. You have half-price deals, too. The catalogue is your place to find the best values of all the favourite stuff this week. Top brands like Cadbury, Lindt, Maltesers, Loacker, and more are available in this category. Fill your fridge with some cold beverage. Buy bulky to save more. Coca-Cola soft drink 30x275mL will cost only $22.85. Coles has a wider range of snacks this week. 5 pages are full of snack deals which will get valid on Wednesday. New product limits may have or may be updated. Buy the popular brand chocolates like Snickers and Mars.

Arnott’s cream biscuits will cost $2. They are a great substitute for a quick breakfast. Find Lindt excellence block chocolate with 70% cocoa content. Chips, Oreo cookies, and more items are also Coles Snack Sale half-price items.

Beverage and energy drinks:

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