Coles Snack Time Catalogue 27 – 2 Feb 2016

GREAT SNACKS BY COLES Coles Snack Time Catalogue 27 - 2 Feb 2016

In this page of this catalogue you gonna see perfect starts for a day. If you dont have time for prepare something you can eat nutri-gain by Kellogs. This product have four health stars. Source of protein. Even its called Iron Man Food ! For perfect start, you can eat this one. Or Nutella also will give your enegery which you need everyday. High quality chocolate recipe and family size economic pack is available in store. Do not miss this flavor festive in Coles.

Uncle Tobys Le Snack 6 pack will your life guard when you hungry at office or home. Tasty cheese dip and perfect price. Snacks is great solution for rush times. Sometimes we are focusing to something and we can not waste our time by eating so these snacks best for this. Just open and full yourself. Sanitarium Up & Go Liquid Breakfast choc ice is nowadays best seller. Everybody likes it. With 24 pack its another solution for breakfast. Actually I recommend you Nutri Gain because of value of protein but also this product is good. And Week-bix opportunities available in store. 1.4 Kg value pack of Weet-Bix is full of healthy ! Enjoy

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