Coles Snacking Time Catalogue 3 – 9 Feb 2016

PERFECT SNACKING WITH COLES Coles Snacking Time Catalogue 3 - 9 Feb 2016

Coles has great offer for you. If you would like to celebrate your day with amazing snacks , here is your menu ! Mars celebrations box chocolate 300g only $5. Its nearly from half price. Lets make your day glorious with Cadbury products. Roses boxed chocolates specially designed for great Valentine’s Day. Everyone likes chocolate and now chocolates in special designed box. Roses by Cadbudy only $7.75. Do not miss this gift for your girlfriend or any family member. Also mars has more offer for you. Maltersers or peanut m&m varieties selling with good price. Different tastes and same price price $5. Cola is really essential for our snacking times. Pepsi, solo or sunkist soft drink varieties 1.25L only $1.10. Half price opportunities by king of cola industry : PEPSI !

Starburst snakes snacks with big pack looks good. Medium packs also available in store now. If you do not like cola or soft drink varieties you can drink Just Juice ! Its natural and full of flavor. Just Juice 6x200ml only $2.35. Apple juices awaiting you on shelves. Be ready for milk arrowroot flavor by Arnott’s. Marrie and Milk arrowroot varieties discounted for you. Great offer by your perfect store : Coles !

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