Coles Special Offers Catalogue 12 – 16 Feb 2016

COLES GREAT AT KITCHEN Coles Special Offers Catalogue 12 - 16 Feb 2016

Lets create a perfect sauces for your foods. In this catalogue you gonna find Tomato sauces and butter chicken simmer sauce. Their opportunities really cool and prices from half price. Butter chicken summer sauce from India. Thanks to India because of this taste. I recommend you if you will make some chicken today or this week. Until 16th Feb this price is effective. Its only $2.14 with $2.15 save. 2 litre value pack Fountain tomato or barbecue sauce is would be amazing taste for your barbecue enjoy. With glorious price this products looks perfect choice only $3 now.  2 liter is quite enough.

If you are in rush, noodles chicken really good choice for you by Fantastic. Just add some water and its ready now ! Easy and tasty solution for your time issue. As you know pasta would be perfect solution if you are lazy to prepare dinner. With tasty sauce you can make amazing pastas for your family or just for you. And you can add some Aussie Grown Tomato sauce from MasterFoods. This sauce made by 100% Australian tomatoes. Because of this its really tasty and from good price only $2.50. Enjoy with Coles’ great products and prices.

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