Coles Special Sale Catalogue 17 Feb 2016

HALF PRICE OPPORTUNITIES BY COLES Coles Special Sale Catalogue 17 Feb 2016

Coles celebrating new products with good prices. You can buy more than hundred products from half price. Snacking to fruits, about all categories you can find half prices products. Tim Tam Arnott’s Chocolates, Peters ice creams, Cadbury boxed favourites on sale for great snacking experience. Cadbury box is really cool to choose. Everybody having enjoy when you are snacking and Cadbury knows how to make people happy ! In this box your favorites awaiting you with half prices. Also pepsi max 2 lt soft drink essential for snacking. – $1.55 -.  In this catalogue you gonna find Tomato sauces and butter chicken simmer sauce. Their opportunities really cool and prices from half price. Butter chicken summer sauce from India. Thanks to India because of this taste. I recommend you if you will make some chicken today or this week.

2 litre value pack Fountain tomato or barbecue sauce is would be amazing taste for your barbecue enjoy. With glorious price this products looks perfect choice only $3 now.  2 liter is quite enough. Canola oil by Goldchoice. Good dinner never means good ingredients. You need sunflower, canola and vegetable oil varieties for great dinner. Enjoy with good prices at Sobeys.

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