Coles Special Sales Catalogue 9 Feb 2016

JOIN TO SMART PHONE WORLD WITH COLES Coles Special Sales Catalogue 9 Feb 2016

Coles inviting you a perfect world which is full of smartest phones. With perfect prices you can buy great phones for best communication. Telstra pre-paid 4gx buzz has special offer for you from $99. If you buy this phone you will get coles gift card valued at $20 for free. Its good offer iy you want buy more gift for someone. This phone features 4.5 inch display wide screen and 5 mp back camera. Its quite enough for capture your perfect moments with family and friends. Android system is user friendly and perfectly works on Telstra.

Telstra has more offer for sure. If you want more cheaper communication you can buy Telstra pre paid cruise featured by Vga camera media player and expandable memory – 32gb -. Another perfect offer is Telstra pre-paid Tempo style. With 4 inch high quality display 2 mp camera and great price – $29- looks good offer. And this price from half price. You can use this phone as your main phone or you can buy and keep it at home for emergency situation. Connect to internet from everywhere. Pre-paid 4GB USB on sale from half price. ! Enjoy the internet wherever you are !

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