Coles Telstra Deals 6 – 12 Nov 2019

This catalogue is one of the supermarket sales in which you may find mobile deals every week. This is a regular thing to see in a Coles Catalogue. Telstra phones and data packs, SIM cards, starter packs, and smartphones are possible to find at incredibly cheap prices compared to the other places you can find mobile services or products. For example, you can buy a phone for only $19 at Coles stores this week. Also, smartphones like Samsung Galaxy A20 might be a useful deal for those who are in search of a nice phone for a good price.
The non-food category of the catalogue is not entirely made of phone deals. Check out half prices on household and cleaning supplies. Buy Finish Quantum ultimate dishwashing tablets for $16 this week. Cold Power, Cuddly, BioZet Attack, and more products are available in the category. Shop personal care, oral care, hair products, half-price Palmolive, Dove, Nivea, pharmacy needs, medical supplies, Norsca, Ogx hair products, hair colours, Neutrogena skin care items at half prices, baby care and formulas, Nature’s Way wellness products, and many more for catalogue prices this week.

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