Coles This Week Catalogue Fresh Food Until 7 July 2015

Meet the meat of Coles Catalogue on the pg; 2-3.Coles This Week Catalogue Fresh Food Until 7 July 2015 You primary place to choose your favourite meat is Coles Catalogue online because of the most suitable price range and top quality meat products. Recipes change this place into source of happiness. Because they provide the quick, simple and budget saving technique for cooking meat.
Learn how to cook perfect steak with Curtis ! In pg; 2 he tells you what to do step by step and he have the time for the cooking. Time chart shows you how much you need to cook your meat to be well done. If you like your steak rare or medium rare there should be a time for cooking as well. Please check out pg; 2 for the detailed information and recipe.
Meatballs can be your solution as well. It is always quicker and simpler with meatballs or minced meat. Since it is rendered it is easy to fry.


No place for hormons in Australian beef scotch fillet steak ! Visit pg; 3 for this product priced at $25 per kg. Masterchef Curtis Stone gives you the best recipe for the beef products.

Lamb forquarter chops large tray $8
Beef meatballs 2 for $8
Coles Australian beef scotch fillet steak $25
Packed apricot chicken and beef bourguignon casseroles 2 for $18
Imported freshwater basa fillets thawed $5.50
Tassal sliced smoked salmon 300g $10
Tuscan antipasto mix $20 kg

For more please go to Coles Catalogue.

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