Coles Vitamin Sale Half Prices 1 – 7 Jul 2020

Coles has half-price deals “again” on some of the vitamins. Coles Vitamin Sale Half Prices 1 - 7 Jul 2020In fact, vitamin deal is not something you would miss a lot but the brands change a lot. Every week, you can find a different group of products from the vitamin or personal care aisle. This week, you can buy Nature’s Own, Cenovis, SUP Collagen, and more products at half prices. An entire page is about the half-price deal on similar products. Visit pg 33 for the details. Coles Catalogue also covers beauty & body products and that part has also a lot to offer. Many products are also half-price deals. Nivea Cellular filler anti-age night cream is one of them. Find shampoos and conditioners as half-price discounts next to them. Coles Vitamin Sale Half Prices:

Beauty and body products at half prices:

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