Costco Catalogue Deals 3 – 17 Mar 2019

This catalogue can show you some nice drink, meat, and seafood offers from Costco. Browse the catalogue for matches on pg 2. They have great pairs of wine and food. For example, Matua Sauvignon Blanc has Salmon fillet boneless & skinless as its match. Some products are not available in all stores. Look at the pages to see the details. Discounts are written on each product. Pair your drink with these foods. Browsing this catalogue will be as easy as choosing the correct drink now. This is a special and rare catalogue. If you want to see more like these, subscribe to the Costco Catalogue to get emails. You can alternatively follow us on Facebook to get these on your feed. Brilliant choices are available all the time on Costco Catalogues.

See these matches and more:

For more products and pairs, please check out the catalogue pages. I think more Costco Catalogues will be coming next week. Don’t forget to check out this page.

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