DJI Spark Drone Review 2017

DJI Spark is at the forefront of impressive features, so you can fly very comfortably without any technical details, and even control with simple hand gestures. The DJI Spark has dimensions of 143mm x 143mm x 55mm and weighs only 300 grams. It can fit into any kind of bag. You can even cling to the side of your belt like a retired dancer. Spark’s propeller arms can not fold like DJI Mavic Pro and GoPro Karma.

DJI Spark Drone Review 2017

In addition to the size, it is the first drone to be presented with different colour options at the same time. It’s a nice detail that the drone world is often trapped in its grey, black and white colours, and presented with such sweet colour choices. DJI Spark has 12 MP 1 / 2.3 “CMOS sensor that can shoot Full HD video in 30p, photo at 3,968 x 2,976 resolution in terms of video features. The digital sensor has a 25mm focal length in front of it and has an approximately 81-degree viewing angle. DJI dropped a click away from Mavic Pro, which could record 4K video in terms of video capability.

One of the biggest innovations of DJI Spark is that you can control it with your hands thanks to the PalmControl feature. Once you put the Spark in your handheld, you can then fly, and in the air you can still set directions with various hand gestures, using your hand, you can start video recording or take pictures. I’m sure some of us will feel like Jedi, who can move objects with their hands while doing these hand movements. However, there is an understandable restriction, you must be at least 3 meters from Spark in order to move with your hands.

With the PalmControl feature, you can start flying without sparking any time after you’ve started Spark. Spark has a control knob, but since it does not come in the box, it needs to be bought separately. Since you can easily control with the DJI GO application that you will download to your phone anyway, it is not an option to get a control knob. With the QuickShots feature, Spark will cut any video you shoot using these modes in 10 seconds and make it ready to share on social media. Of course, if you wish you can edit the videos you have taken with DJI GO application.

DJI Spark is the most affordable drone DJI has ever produced with ease of use and low price. With PalmControl, QuickShots and much more advanced smartphone integration, Spark seems to attract a very large audience who would like to take a new step in the drone world but who dares not.

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