Early Setter Furniture Sale Jan 2023

Early Setter Furniture Sale Jan 2023 offers you a wide variety of carefully selected furniture. Check out their catalogue and browse through their great products to get inspired by their favorite ideas! It is also possible to find many options to find quality accessories for your outdoor furniture here.

There is no house without furniture. By choosing the right furniture, you can create a home that is entirely your own. Whether it’s an industrial, rural or modern interior. You’ll find the best in the Early Settler Catalogue.

Furniture for the living room

The heart of the home will usually be the living room. Here you can relax on the sofa after a long day and watch some TV. However, it’s also where you meet your friends for drinks and food on Friday night. In short, you can do anything here. That’s why it’s so important to think about what you really need in your living room and what suits you and your decorating style.

Of course, you can not do without a good sofa. If you have a large family, you can choose a 4-seater sofa. Apart from the sofa, check out the coffee table, dining table and chairs at Early Settler. You can find all this and more in the Early Settler Leaflet in different styles.

Furniture for the dining room

The dining area, as the name suggests, is where you eat, but also where you meet or just read the newspaper. With life getting busier and the distractions of smartphones and television increasing, your time at the dinner table is more valuable than ever. So find a great table and comfortable dining room chairs to enjoy dinner together with the Early Settler.

Aesthetic, modern and high quality selections are here. You can choose from classic chic, vintage, country style, seaside and many other styles. Tasteful furniture made of the highest quality materials is waiting for you in different sizes and colors. Immerse yourself in another world.

The best furniture!

A well-furnished home is an important part of quality of life. We spend most of our lives within four walls with our most precious people. We want to install everything in a comfortable, beautiful and practical way. Buying furniture doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.

Ideas for living room furniture

A wide variety of upholstered furniture is recommended for comfortable seating. Living room furniture that combines safety and comfort are also probably the preferred variants. Dining room furniture gives the room a pleasant atmosphere that makes dining together an even better experience. Those who prefer minimalism attach special importance to furniture design. In short, display furniture for everyone’s taste with Early Settler Specials!

The sitting group for the garden is practical.

Of course, the garden seating group is practical! After all, you can spend most of your time in the fresh air. In fact, furniture gives you another practical option. Your existing living space can be quickly expanded with our diverse range of garden furniture. For example, if you already have a table and a bench made of polyrat, you can easily add a visually matching chair or stool to them. Reinforce your existing living room nook at any time without having to throw away items you already have. That’s what Early Settler Catalogue Shop is for!

Light seating for the garden

Don’t like to move heavy furniture from point A to point B? A seating group is easy to move! Depending on the model, our outdoor seating is really lightweight. This means you can easily carry coffee gossip with your friends under the protective roof of the house in the event of a sudden downpour.

Boxing Day Offers on Early Setter

If you prefer a modern ambiance, you can choose a gray poly rattan garden furniture set. Gray garden furniture sets, which is a neutral color, harmonizes with all other colors and can be perfectly staged with the decoration suitable for the purpose of use. For example, place silver trays on the garden furniture table.

Arrange the outdoor seating with warm cushions and blankets in the wildest colors, or decorate the garden seating table with quality plates. Especially the gray polyrattan garden furniture sets contrast perfectly with the colorful nuances emanating from your potted plants. We wish you pleasant shopping to find your weatherproof garden furniture!

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