Fitbit Surge Review 2017

Fitbit Surge, which I can define as an intelligent activity clock, does not just count your steps; Measuring your pulse every second helps you to do a real performance appraisal.Fitbit Surge Review 2017

Fitbit Surge in classic clock sizes. When you first turn on Surge waiting to be synchronized with your smartphone or computer, it becomes easy to activate after you have installed Fitbit on your smartphone and then entered a few personal details. With the always-on screen, you do not have to press any keys to look at the clock.

You can also control the Surge with three keys on the touch screen besides the keys. Whichever screen you turn on, that mode remains on the screen. You can leave this screen open if you want to keep looking at your pulse rate, daily step count, or number of floats you have climbed.

Surge has a heart rate monitor on the back. This piece, which has two small green lights and a sensor that is constantly lit, is made of slightly protruding. When you attach it to your wrist, you are sitting between the bones and you do not have to squeeze the wrist to measure. It is quite comfortable to read the display which is always open in daylight. The ambient light sensor allows the backlight to be turned on and used easily when you touch the screen in a dark environment.

The device does not expect you to press a key to switch to sleep mode the moment you are as sleepy as your competitors, or to disable sleep when you wake up from sleep. Moreover, thanks to the silent alarm, you can wake up vibrantly.

With PurePulse pulse measurement technology, it continuously measures in real time without the need for under-chest straps. Normally, at 5 seconds, when you have the exercise program open, you get one of those measurements that allows you to evaluate your performance most effectively.

Pulse measurement is very successful I observed that the maximum number of beats per minute was 3 beats per minute. Unfortunately, it is not possible to enter the pool with Surge which has 5 waterproof properties as well as ATM. But you can wash your hand without fear and sweat as you wish. Surge is a very useful feature to alert your phone when a message or call comes in.

The Fitbit Surge is one of the most prominent features of the smartphone thanks to the GPS does not have to carry in the pocket offers the comfort of going out. When you get into the running mode, you can see your route from the map thanks to GPS activated within a few seconds.

You can also use Fitbit with iOS, Android and Windows Phone applications by synchronizing with your smartphone or just with your computer. It is ahead of your competitors with an activity clock that does not need a smart phone. The Fitbit application, a common platform for all Fitbit devices, has a very useful and easy-to-understand interface.

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