Foodland Catalogue Half Price Sale July 2022

Pick up your grocery essentials with awesome offers of Foodland Half Price Sale July 2022! This catalogue is full of great product deals. If you need among this opportunity products, you should not miss it!

There are a few factors expected from a week’s food shopping. When these factors are met, you can enjoy a pleasant shopping experience. At the beginning of these elements, there is a wide range of products where you will find the product you are looking for. If you visit a store like Foodland, you can easily find the product you are looking for.

The second important factor is to save money. It’s always more exciting to peruse a catalogue full of discounts. You can use these catalogues as a discount guide and experience a shopping experience where you will save more. Foodland catalogues offer you this privilege. You can view their catalogues every week and guide your shopping.

Finally, stores that offer special offers are always more preferred. Foodland Stores manages to surprise your customers with unique offers every week! You can always see BOGO Free, Half-Price, and many other popular offers in their stores.

Foodland Half Price Sale July 2022

Get ready to fill your fridge with Foodland’s great selection of products and low prices! View and buy dozens of food products and daily consumption products with new offers! Savings up to 50% on bakery, snacks, beverages, dairy products, and many daily essentials can be browsable on this Foodland Catalogue. Let’s take a look at Foodland Specials This week and enjoy shopping!

Foodland Specials This Week

  • Australian Premium Beef Chuck Braising Steak, $17.90
  • Birds Eye Oven Bake Fish Fillets 425g, $5 (Save $5)
  • Arnott’s Tim Tam Range 165-200G, $2 (Save $2)
  • Smith’s Crinkle, Double Crunch Chips 150-170g, $1.87 (Save $1.88)
  • Pascall or The Natural Confectionery Co. Bags, $2 (Save $2)
  • Community Co Full Cooked Lamb Shanks in Red Wine & Rosemary Sauce, $16.50
  • Leeks Trimmed 3 Pack, $4.50
  • Green Brussel Sprouts 400g, $4.50
  • Adelaide Hills Kanzi Apple, $4
  • Continental Cucumbers, $2.50
  • Australian Lamb Forequarter Chops, $16.90
  • Australian Premium Beef Mince, $16
  • Stape & Sons Gourmet Beef Chevapchichi or Lamp Kofta, $7.50
  • Lenard’s Chimichurri Chicken Breast Steaks, $14.99
  • Barossa Fine Foods Gluten Free Chicken Breast Schnitzel, $15.50
  • Community Co Pork Belly Bites, $19.90 per kg.
  • O’Brien’s SA Boneless Pork Shoulder Roast, $8 kg.
  • Global Seafoods Salt & Pepper Squid 500g or Prawn Ring, $9.50 (Save $2.50)
  • Mori Seafood Southern Bluefin Tuna or Yellowtail Kingfish Sashimi, $19.90
  • KB’s Australian Crispy Battered Flathead Fillets 1kg, $21.90 (Save $4.05)
  • SunPark Fresh Foods Smoked Hocks, $7.90 kg.
  • Beak & Sons Beef Brisket in BBQ Sauce 800g, $19.90
  • Shale Point Camembert, Brie or Triple Cream Brie 200G, $7.95
  • D’Orsogna Austrilian Honey Leg Ham, $24
  • Lemnos Felt 2 x 100g, $5.30 ea.
  • Kroon Madam, Bergbaron Swiss Style Cheese Wheel, $18.50 kg.
  • Nothern Light Smoked Salmon 100g, $5.50 (Save $1.50)
  • Nature’s Delight natural Cashews, $8.50 (Save up to $4.10)
  • Hi Fresh Garden Salad each, $4.50 (Save up to 80c)
  • Sunfresh Salad Tubs Classics Range 300g, $3.50 each (Save 60c)
  • Mojo Kombucha 4 x 250ml, $6 (Save up to $3)
  • Wonder White Bread 700g, $3.70
  • Motenberg 12 Grains & Seeds Bread 700g, $3.90 (Save up to $1.50)

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