Galaxy Tab S2 Review 2017

In recent years, the screen size of tablets has started to grow with smartphones. While small size tablets are usually preferred on the market, there are no small numbers of users who want to buy large size drawing or business focused tablets. Manufacturers who are aware of this situation are also slowly introducing their large-screen tablets to sales. The last name among these manufacturers was Samsung. Galaxy Tab S2, a strong member of the Samsung Galaxy Tab family, has two screen sizes of 9.7 inches and 8 inches, while the Galaxy View is striking with an 18.4-inch screen. The device, which is larger than a laptop computer and smaller than a television, is aimed at users who like to watch the video.

Galaxy Tab S2 Review 2017

Galaxy View, a new type of tablet, looks like a television in a very small size from a tablet. In fact, it is wrong to have a mini-TV evaluation for the device. Because the device does not have HDMI or Ethernet connection. Although the device does not offer remote control and keyboard support, it seems to be an ideal option for watching popular video services. When we look at the design of Galaxy View, the first detail that strikes the eye is the material quality of the device.

While it allows you to watch videos on the fly, other uses such as writing and playing games help users. On the support, there is also a handle for easy transport. This support is integrated into the tablet. When we look at the weight and size of the Galaxy View, we see it is big and heavy. The 2.65-kilogram tablet is not suitable for one-handed use. The Galaxy View has a massive 18.4-inch screen, but unfortunately, it does not have stylus support.

The most striking feature of the Samsung Galaxy View is the huge 18.4-inch screen. Compared to the recently launched 12.9-inch iPad Pro screen, Galaxy View’s screen is really big. Samsung, which usually has a Super AMOLED display on smartphones and tablets, has included a TFT capacitive display in this device. Tablet screen resolution is Full HD. Although Galaxy View’s screen is brilliant, we need to be particularly clear if we look closely at the screen and it is not quite enough for sharpness. Samsung should use the QHD resolution value instead of Full HD. Among the disadvantages of tablets is that the display pixel density value is also low. The benefit of such a screen size for users is in video content and games. A space in the Tablet interface allows you to quickly access video content from YouTube, Netflix and more. Galaxy View does not have a gyroscope, so there is no such thing as screen rotation.

S Console Gamepad turns Galaxy phones into game controls and Galaxy View Remote apps allow easy control over Android devices. This application, which connects family members, allows easy sharing of photos with family members whenever desired. Tablet battery performance is very successful. The 5.700 mAh pille tablet supports 6-7 hours of intensive use and up to 10 hours of normal use.

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