Grocery Sale Woolworths Catalogue 31 Jul – 6 Aug 2019

Shop coffee and breakfast food in the pantry of Woolworths. Find Nestle Milo, Cheerios, Nutella, and more products on that part of the Woolworths Catalogue 31 Jul – 6 Aug. Some of the products are half-price deals. Woolworths specials will also be one of the valid deals on Wednesday. Learn new recipes, like winter sweets. For example, read the recipe of chocolate & raisin puddings on pg 10. Campbell’s chunky beef & veg, and half-price sale of some classic pantry products including canola oil. Use premium quality ingredients in your meals. You can buy Bertolli virgin olive oil 750mL for $6.50! Buy fresh fruits including strawberry and mandarins at Woolies. Fresh specials are a reason to shop at this store and Woolies has them Australian.

Check out half-price deals of this part:

Woolworths Meat, Seafood, Deli, Bakery Sale 31 Jul

Check out packaged and fresh seafood or meat products that will be on sale starting on Wednesday. Think of a fine meat meal for tonight’s dinner. As you probably know, Woolworths has a simple meal page where you can find a lot of recipes involving such meat and seafood products. Meat Dept. of Woolworths is one of the best things to see in these catalogues. Shop new products, too.

Frozen Food and More Deals

Most of us like ice cream and its variety. It shouldn’t be a surprise to see a great range of ice cream sale in the freezer category. Woolworths lets you buy SaraLee, Peters Original, and more products at much lower prices this week. Also, frozen vegetables and easy meals are available on pg 21. Discover the half-price deals on that part, too.

Shop more deals than Woolworths Catalogue 31 Jul – 6 Aug with other retailers. Coles and IGA Catalogues are also very popular grocery sales online.

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