Harvey Norman 8K TVs Nov 2019

Harvey Norman 8K TVsThe catalogue promotes the new 8K TVs that is a purchase with bonus gift cards. If you buy LG 75″ 8K LED TV on the first page of Harvey Norman Catalogue you will get $400 HN gift card. Also, they will deliver and install. This is a store where you can pay with plans with no interest. Speaking of 8K TVs, I have been recently studying some subjects related to films and TVs and learned that human eyes can only see the difference below 8K. After that resolution, you can really tell the difference. However, even though these products are great and Samsung does a great job, I would not buy an 8K TV if I already have a 4K. That’s due to the fact that there is not many movies on DVD or Blu-Ray that will give you the 8K resolution. Not to mention TV streams. It’s not that common yet. But of course, you can absolutely find some entertaining material on Youtube but I also don’t think online streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Youtube, Amazon, or others can offer 8K movies. Not that they are not able to, they just wouldn’t simply make a profit out of it yet. However, whatever you do with these TVs, you will get the maximum quality. Samsung QLED will be more common and I also believe they will make more movies of Blu-Ray or maybe another format of videos in 8K resolution. You can prefer to buy these while there are discounts but if you are paying a full price, I think it’s not the best idea to buy yet. That’s possibly the reason why Harvey Norman gives away some bonus gift cards.

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