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Harvey Norman Catalogue can offer you large product range of home appliances, kitchen appliances, laptops, desktop computers, office supplies, tax time essentials, occasional sales like Christmas, Easter, Anzac day etc. Find here the latest current catalogue with the content full of deals like cashbacks, interest-free buying plans etc. Mostly these catalogues are popular for their large ranges. Unlike others, Harvey Norman offers several catalogues at the same time. They prefer to separate aisles catalogue by catalogue.

In our posts you will find the list of top deals from the retailer. Browse current catalogue before shopping for this type of items.

Harvey Norman Catalogue Morphy Richards 4 Slice Toaster

Did you ever wonder why toasted bread taste better than the regular one? Most people find the taste of toasted bread better than packaged bread. Some say that it’s about the quality of bread but think about it. You caramelize the sugar of the bread. The bread is essentially a carbohydrate. Another aspect of toasting is about the smell. That fresh smell is flavour molecules liberated by heat. Secondly, even good bread is better when it’s warmer. Maillard Reaction is a process that is occurred during grilling. If you are familiar with that process, it’s unnecessary to explain but it’s basically carbohydrates plus proteins so it tastes better. A similar thing is happening here with the bread. I personally love my bread toasted in the morning or in the dinner. I always like to eat 1 or 2 slices of bread sometimes don’t eat at all. But when I do eat, I like it toasted. Morphy Richards 4 Slice Toaster is a convenient mean to toast your bread. It only costs $169 at Harvey Norman stores. Harvey Norman Catalogue shows many products from the home appliances and kitchen products sale this week.

Harvey Norman Catalogue Kids’ Bedroom Nov 2018

Bedroom sale at Harvey Norman stores promise a lot of quality stuff including quilt cover sets, bunk beds, different designs like space out, surfari, jungle and more on beds and quilts for kids. They will love the place where they sleep and hang out most of their time. With the concept you can find at Harvey Norman, there is a great chance of finding a gift for your kid. In November, most kids like to stay inside. So, this is a great catalogue to save on the products for kids’ bedrooms. NEW winter queen beds, furniture for your bedroom and more are also featured. Visit pg 4 to see winter 2-drawer queen bed. The first part of the catalogue is about the kids’ bedroom products. Don’t forget to see these deals:

Harvey Norman has several catalogues that are valid with their deals right now. You can check out this catalogue whenever you want here.

Harvey Norman Catalogue Washing Machines October 2018

You can find a good price on a high-performance and durable washing machine on the Harvey Norman Catalogue. Top load and front load types are the ones available on pg 8-9 of the latest Smart Deals catalogue. Fisher and Paykel, LG, Bosch, Samsung, and Simpson are the brands on sale. The lowest price is on Fisher & Paykel 7kg washsmart top load washing machine. I think this 1000rpm washing machine is a practical solution on a budget. 6 different cycles are available within the functions for different types of fabrics. Pay only $597 for the machine and get the best deal of Harvey Norman. Another good choice is LG 7.5kg front load washing machine. 4-star energy rating means you will save energy and money. Better for the environment and your budget. Pay only $674 for this if you like front load machines more. It has a higher capacity than the former one.

Harvey Norman Catalogue Smart Deals Oct 2018 | Home Appliances

A wide range of products is available in the latest Harvey Norman Catalogue. Hisense stainless steel French-Door fridge, KitchenAid stand mixer and Dyson V6 are the cover page deals of the new sale. Smart Deals will end on 28 October. We have a great chance to save on something. Bargains, hot deals, special prices, and top deals are all featured items of the new HN Catalogue. First of all, vacuum cleaners. You can buy a decent one for only $87 that is the price for vax bagless vacuum cleaner. As simple as it gets and durable products for the purpose of Spring cleaning. Lightweight, compact, and easy-to-handle products are the skeleton of this product range. See hand-held vacuum cleaners on pg 3. Bosch Athlet handstick cordless vacuum cleaner is only $297 at Harvey Norman this week.
Personal care products are on sale, too. Precision and compactness of these items might make you wanna buy one even though you don’t need them. Hair dryers, electric shavers, rechargeable interdental cleaner, Oral-B electric toothbrush are all on sale. See kitchen appliances, washing machines, different types of fridges on the catalogue as well.

Good deals and ideas from this catalogue:

Harvey Norman Catalogue Sound Products October 2018

Sound quality is as important as the definition of the movie. Most movies are experienced much less than expected because people watch them with the equipment that provides only poor sound quality. Sometimes a director may choose to add a sound in details and you should hear that to understand the scene completely. These are mostly seen in art house movies like No Country For Old Men. I don’t say Coen brothers did something like that but the movie has almost no music. On the other hand, most mainstream movies have scenes that are filled with intense music and you can’t even hear the explosion effects since the music suppresses the sound effect. I say both are important and you need at least a decent quality to get the film’s true quality. Nothing is more satisfying than hearing an instrument in a music, that you have never heard because of the previous speakers of yours had poor quality. That happens when you truly hear it from a high-tech sound product. Harvey Norman Catalogue has awesome hi-fi systems, and soundbars this week. Buy them at fair prices and hear the things you never realized they were there.

Spend your money wisely, you will need it later.