Harvey Norman Apple Macbook Air 13.3″ February 2018

One of the advantages of being Macbook Air user is the long battery life. This device can stand for 9 hours whether you play games or watch movies on your laptop. It’s an amazing thing to see in a laptop. Most of them have the power for 4-5 hours at maximum but the 9 hour is a groundbreaking thing. Although it’s a small screen with 13.3″ diagonal length, it is a lightweight and compact product that is perfectly suitable to carry anywhere you want. Most videographers and Youtubers use this machine to edit their videos for the outdoor shootings. They now pack their laptops and bring it to the film set.

Aside from that, this device’s touch bar is fantastic. It’s highly sensitive and some people even use it working in photoshop. Besides, there is not only one version of MacBook computers. MacbookPro, MacBook Pro with higher specs like shared graphics cards, and MacBook Air. They are all available on pg 12 of the Harvey Norman Catalogue.

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