Harvey Norman Catalogue Air Conditioning September 2017

Harvey Norman Catalogue Air Conditioning September 2017Seek a solution for air conditioning using the deals on the technology being sold at Harvey Norman stores. Portable air conditioners might be a solution for you. If you intend to use an air conditioner for multiple small places, portable devices could be a better option than the mountable ones. Their prices vary between $298 and $375 in the catalogue. To avoid illness, you might consider buying an air humidifier. They are available on pg 5 of the Harvey Norman Catalogue. If you don’t want to go with air conditioners, fans might be also good and cheaper. You can find a Celsius 40cm pedestal fan priced at $19. More sophisticated fans are n sale. Smaller fans like tower and box are featured on pg 7. Shop for coolers, and desk fans on the last page.

Inverter system air conditioners are highly recommendable for bigger places. They recycle the air. It is much healthier with this kind of air conditioning. Fujitsu, Kelvinator, Mitsubishi, Panasonic and more brands are available at HN.

If you go with more powerful versions of these products, (3.5kW to 7.8 kW) they will give you more EFTPOS gift card. Some portable air conditioners might work loudly. I recommend you to ask the staff of Harvey Norman. POLO COOL, altise, Kelvinator portable and window air conditioners are available on pg 4.

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