Harvey Norman Catalogue Clearance Computers 20% Discount

Check out HP, Lenovo, and Asus laptops with 20% discount on pg 2. Also, the same discount is valid for Predator Gaming laptops and desktops and Microsoft Surface laptops. Check out the lowest cost laptop there. Lenovo Ideapad 120S Laptop is one of the simplest computers that can do simple tasks. If you need a laptop just to type or browse regular websites, this computer can handle the daily missions for you. It’s only 11″ laptop. Find better ones on pg 3. There are also monitors on sale. A good gaming monitor will definitely change the experience and joy of gaming. Watch films, play games and get the best result from a great quality movie using these monitors. HP printers are also important deals on the same page. All-in-one PC of HP which operates on AMD A6 processor and 8GB ram will cost $698! I also recommend the electronic sale on pg 4. You can buy a new year gift, too. Computer accessories like keyboards and mouse, 10% off Apple Mac computers, Tablet PCs and smartphones are on that page. Check out some of the good laptop deals from the Harvey Norman Catalogue Clearance sale:

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