Harvey Norman Catalogue DSLR Cameras Christmas 7 – 27 Dec 2018

A DSLR camera is one of the best gifts for enthisasts of photography. Even if you are an amateur yet, these devices can help you take the best shoots with a few days of practice. In the beginning, you need to learn about the lenses and concepts like diaphragm of a lens, focal lengths, angles etc. For example, wide angle lenses will make you look thinner but a bit uglier to be honest. On other side, lenses such as a prime 85mm will handle a great job. But wide angle has its advantage in taking a landscape photo. For instance, you are a real estate agent and want to take a classy photo of the house inside living room. I would choose a wide angle lens to make it seem really larger than it is for advertisement purpose. That seems like cheating but the intention here is to show every corner of the room since a narrower angle cannot capture the whole picture. A simple tip; 50mm lenses that are compatible with full frame DSLR cameras are the closes to the human eye sight. All the DSLR cameras that are available on pg 36 of the Harvey Norman Catalogue Christmas sale are suitable for beginners. You can easily notice that prices are so close to each other. If you want to go pro after some practice, I recommend something similar to Canon 5D Mark III or Sony A7 series. By the way, check out cool looking mirrorless cameras on pg 37. They are lighter than others and they are pretty much the same in technical terms. My choice would be other DSLRs since it feels better than mirrorless cameras.

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