Harvey Norman Catalogue Electric Heaters May 2016

Harvey Norman Catalogue Electric Heaters May 2016 sale is the deal that you need for winter. Almost all type of heaters are available in the latest catalogue. For small places, large places there could be found the best types of heaters in the catalogue. Keep your air refreshed with air conditioners by Panasonic, Fujitsu, Mitsubishi, Kelvinator and more brands.

Harvey Norman Catalogue Electric Heaters May 2016

Not only heaters and air conditioners are available in this catalogue. Find some good deals to keep warmth.

Sunbeam feel perfect snug&cosy reversible heated throw $69
2200W DeLonghi ceramic heater $119
Dyson hot+cool fan heater $624

Small fan heaters, ceramic heaters, cube heaters are available items on pg 2. List of the fan heaters from the catalogue with prices.

Dyson hot+cool air multiplier $624
Goldair 2000W fan heater $34
Sunbeam 1800W ceramic heater $69
DeLonghi 2400W steel elite fan heater $89
Dimplex 2000W ceramic heater $129
Everdue 1800W ceramic heater $134

Tower heaters :

DeLonghi 2400W t. heater $159
Dimplex ceramic heater 2400W $149
2000W ceramic tower heater $89
Mini cube electric flame-effect heater $149
Lee Silver 2000W flame effect heater $349

You can look for air conditioners on pg 4. With the purchase of air conditioners of Fujitsu, Panasonic, Mitsubishi and Kelvinator you can earn cashbacks. With supplier cashbacks you can make profitable shopping out of it.

Fujitsu air conditioner – 7.1kW cooling – 8.0kW heating $150 cashback Final Price: $749
Panasonic air conditioner – 2.5kW cooling – 3.2kW heating $200 casback final price: $1599
Mitsubishi air conditioner – 2.5kW cooling – 3.2kW $200 casback final price: $1699
Kelvinator air conditioner – 2.5kW cooling – 2.8kW $100 cashback final price: $649

Panel heaters with lifetime warranty are offered by the Harvey Norman Catalogue. Currently valid prices are shoppable on the online official page.

Harvey Norman Catalogue Electric Heaters pg 4 Harvey Norman Catalogue Panel Heaters

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