Harvey Norman Catalogue Electronics September 2016

Browse the whole product range of Harvey Norman Catalogue Electronics September 2016 that contains a list for computers, computer accessories, gaming laptops, phones, fitness electronics, photography, printers, sound and more sales.Harvey Norman Catalogue Electronics September 2016

HP came up with a new smart design you can browse on pg 2. This design has been popular for recent years. It seems like HP has an alternative to Apple’s thin, classy looking computers and their high resolution screens. With HP Spectre you have Full HD touch screen. Black Leather 13.3″ cover and black topload bag come with this product for $99 and $169 respectively. The computer is $2499 at Harvey Norman Catalogue. If you are looking for desktop computers HP Envy 34 all in one computer is on the catalogue. It has curved screen and GTX 960A graphics.

General computer accessories from Microsoft that are looking stylish but their use are open for discussion. For example I don’t like that Arc Touch mouse which doesn’t fit my hand and feels empty most of the times. But that depends on users. They say the best computer is worse than a tablet PC when you use photo editng softwares like Adobe’s. Surface book is only $2298 at HN.

Different brands tablet PCs are available on pg 5. My favorite part is gaming laptops. Although they are called gaming laptops they are perfect for editing videos, photoshopping, watching 4k videos via an HDMI cable. These make them the computer of everything. What you might not like is their design. They usually have big adaptors and very big body. MSI is the best in recent years. GE62 Pro gaming laptop is $2496 at Harvey Norman. That one has 15.6″ but you can have the that of 17.3″ GE72R for $2997. You can find gaming keyboard, mouse and a desktop computer on pg 6.

Curved monitors, high resolution and 4K screens and even IPS display devices are featured on pg 7 of the catalogue. See all of these products on that page. You can see regular laptops that can be used for daily office or simple home tasks. Don’t expect them to render video edits perfectly but they are OK when you watch something or use Office 365 etc. You can also run most of the office softwares. An upper range of these laptops can be found on pg 9.

Nowadays almost everyone has got the idea of specs of a computer. You shouldn’t have problem when you see the features of all these. Just end up with a reason of why you want to buy a new computer and check this catalogue out !

iPad 97 iPad pro wi-fi 128GB $997
MacBook Pro with Retina Display 13 $1996
The New Apple TV 32GB $264

Fitness electronic equipment like smartwatch, Fitbit Charge 2, Fitbit Blaze and many more are available on pg 12. Smartphone variety from Samsung, Huawei, Moto and accessories on pg 13. And photography products on pg 18. In the photography sale you have Panasonic Lumix that can shoot 4K video and giving 14-42 mm Lens kit. If you want more lenses check out other Panasonic Lumix giving you 12-32 mm and 45-150mm Lens kits. I don’t have a perfect knowledge about mirrorless sensors but they say there they provide lightweight and flexibility.

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