Harvey Norman Catalogue Electronics April 2016

Beautiful price drops at Harvey Norman Catalogue Electronics April 2016 are just like what you wanted from this store.

Harvey Norman Catalogue Electronics April 2016

They got a perfect range consisting of dozens of all kinds of electronics products that are essentials of our daily life. Harvey Norman came up with few catalogues that were published in April’s first week and they are very well guides for comparison in my opinion.
Choosing a laptop can be challenging in most cases. Multifunctional features of various laptops make this confusing but once you know how to make comparison this won’t be as difficult as it is. However, customers can’t be aware of all hardware types. There is always an updated one every month or per 2 months. Sometimes it can be measured by days. Most people may know about the GTX graphic cards but even they got specific features that you wouldn’t understand the concept and what use they are carrying. I can give a simple trick about the GTX graphic cards that are mostly used in the gaming laptops. Care about the number in the middle.

For example GTX 960 > GTX 950 or GTX 840. Of course the first digit matters but they mostly indicate how new the product is. When you are choosing a gaming laptop this information is a must-know. This time Harvey Norman Catalogue has LENOVO Y Series gaming on pg 4. Desktop and Laptop gaming computers are available on sale. I myself use MSI gaming series without any complain. The only thing that I don’t like about MSI gaming laptops is about their design. They are too big to carry around but they need to be big. Mostly 17.1″ screens of them are preferred by gamers or daily users. GT72 Dominator of MSI is a high-end computer when you play something like Total War or GTA V or Watch Dogs.

Harvey Norman Gaming Laptops and Desktop Computers April 2016

Check LENOVO Y Series desktop gaming laptops too. They are cheaper but you will get similar performance or even better because desktop is always hardcore compared to laptops. One more thing about gaming is a perfect keyboard and mouse set. This catalogue offers prices of Logitech gaming keyboards and gaming mouse on pg 5 which are unavailable online. Go see them in-store.

SAMSUNG Gear VR came up with an innovative idea. Virtual Reality technology has not been developed at satsifying level in my opinion. But in casual purposes like watching videos in 3D and getting bigger screen with a portable device would be nice idea. When you want to watch a movie or something in Youtube this device can be awesome. Now the price of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is only $1248 at Harvey Norman. Users may add up to 200GB memory card to the new phone of Samsung.

MacBook Pro Retina Display 13″ with i5 processor and 128 GB flash memory is a baby for beauty lovers. This beautiful device will make you love it as soon as you open a video or image. I recommend every Apple product without any doubt not even thinking a second. $1998 is the price for 13″ Macbook Pro. You can have Bonus 12 months Office 365 personal with this computer as well.

For more products from Harvey Norman Catalogue please check out the display.

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