Harvey Norman Catalogue Home Entertainment Products 3 July – 19 July 2015

Harvey Norman Catalogue Home Entertainment products 3 July – 19 July 2015 are what you can see on one of the three latest catalogues. Harvey Norman Catalogue Home Entertainment Products 3 July - 19 July 2015You can set up a little cinema theatre in your living room. Surrounding systems for your cinema system, Ultra HD 4 K TV variety, Smart TVs, DVD and Blu-Ray players and the top brands are featured on this catalogue. It is easy to install a great quality cinema system for modest costs at Harvey Norman stores. In-store and catalogue products can be seen on the preview. See official page for the detailed information and the latest comments for the products as well.
Numerous products of these HD TV deals are available on Harvey Norman and few are highlighted specially because of its special features. An example to this is;


– These Ultra HD TV technology provides 3D display and you will have NETFLIX to catch the latest release movies.
– Smart LED LCD Ultra HD SAMSUNG TV has got 65″ display.
– Resolution of this Samsung Smart LED LCD TV is 3840 x 2160 which will provide you very alive colors.
– Octa-core processor will allow you to do multiple tasks at once.
– HDMI output and 3x USB ports.
– PRICE $6347

A smaller display of this television is $5495. It has got very similar technical features. See them on pg 2-3. These TVs generally have IPS technology that results in very bright look and because of it watchers will not miss the details of the high quality movies.

If you are looking for smallar budget TVs you can check out pg 12-13 for 48″ – 50″ screens. Also 32″ and smaller displays are available on pg 15.


Sound bars are the elementary part of the cinema systems since half part of the movies are actually sound. Viewer would like to hear all the details of a movie’s sound mix. Especially in today’s technoloy they mix the sound with a crystal clearity. You can find new prices for sound bars on pg 16&17.
However if you are looking for lower budget products you can check out high quality speakers which will do pretty good job. They work fine with computers and I would recommend you to see micro music systems. See them on pg 20-21.

Please visit Harvey Norman Catalogue Home Entertainment Products 3 July preview to see more.

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