Harvey Norman Catalogue Morphy Richards 4 Slice Toaster

Did you ever wonder why toasted bread taste better than the regular one? Most people find the taste of toasted bread better than packaged bread. Some say that it’s about the quality of bread but think about it. You caramelize the sugar of the bread. The bread is essentially a carbohydrate. Another aspect of toasting is about the smell. That fresh smell is flavour molecules liberated by heat. Secondly, even good bread is better when it’s warmer. Maillard Reaction is a process that is occurred during grilling. If you are familiar with that process, it’s unnecessary to explain but it’s basically carbohydrates plus proteins so it tastes better. A similar thing is happening here with the bread. I personally love my bread toasted in the morning or in the dinner. I always like to eat 1 or 2 slices of bread sometimes don’t eat at all. But when I do eat, I like it toasted. Morphy Richards 4 Slice Toaster is a convenient mean to toast your bread. It only costs $169 at Harvey Norman stores. Harvey Norman Catalogue shows many products from the home appliances and kitchen products sale this week.

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