Harvey Norman Catalogue Predator Gaming Laptops Feb 2018

Predator is one of the most powerful Gaming laptops. It’s also very famous all around the world and both casual or pro gamers like to play on them. Like many models, it has different setups.

For example, Predator G3-571 has 7th Gen i7 CPU and GTX 1060 graphics with 6GB memory. And it’s full HD IPS. It means your display won’t get messy when you look at the screen from different angles. It runs on Windows 10 obviously. It comes with the PC. The price for this laptop is $2194 while;

Predator GX-792 who has 8th Gen. i7 and GTX 1080 and 17.3″ screen. It’s exactly a pro thing. 8 GB GTX 1080 Graphics will allow you to play the most intense strategy games flawlessly. I think this machine can run most modern games without a single problem. And if you have truly a high-speed internet connection multiplayer games will be so smooth, too. That will give you the advantage. Although we cannot compare desktop computers to laptops, this device is mostly sufficient enough. One of the most powerful gaming computers I have ever seen. Notice that it’s not an SLI graphics card. When you get that you are the king but this graphics card is sufficient. The only doubt in my mind is heating. I am sure such a big laptop has a strong cooling technology but nevertheless, it’s a laptop. Regarding all these issues, that laptop will give you the true gaming experience.

Check out the desktop Predator as well. It has two options. One is GTX 1060 and the other is GTX 1070 which is stronger.

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