Harvey Norman Catalogue Office Basics | Tax Time 2016 | Electronics, Cameras, Accessories

Get the best range of Harvey Norman Catalogue Office basics for May 2016 and tax time. These are on sale between 6-22 May.

Harvey Norman Catalogue Office Basics

HP creates a new design understanding in their manufacturing. I must admit that their design gets innovative day by day. Smaller, thinner, 15″, 13″ laptops of Hawlett-Packard like “Envy” makes working on Windows more possible regarding you are seeking for mobility alongside with performance. Both can be found on new HP laptops in last 2 years. New batteries on these Laptops can last for at least 5 hours. This is a rare time for regular Windows laptops. Only Apple Macbook achieves “9 hours” and even longer. However most Windows laptops especially gaming laptops are carrying batteries that can’t last longer than 2-3 hours.

Check Tax Time cashback deals on pg 4. 12 different laptops were listed on pg 4-5 items from $448. Asus, Lenovo, Acer and HP laptops are available. Ultrabooks can be found on pg 6. You have thin, light weight high performance and touchable screen ultra books on pg 6. Desktop always provides higher performance for all jobs. Acer, Samsung monitors, and curved monitors by Samsung are browsable on pg 8.

GAMING Computers at HN Catalogue:

MSI GT72 Dominator which is one of the most popular MSI gaming laptops is able to perform like a workstation in my opinion unless you need to work with high-end graphic designs or gaming engines. Also LENOVO dekstop gaming tower can be purchased for $1998. MSI and Lenovo offer lower prices than Dell and HP in gaming computers. You can earn bonus $100 gift card when you buy Lenovo Gaming computer.

SMART phones and VR by Samsung

Smart phones from various brands and buying plans on pg 13. Some offers no plan cancellation fee.


Canon, Nikon and lenses compatible to these DSLRs generally for beginners. I would recommend Nikon D3300 for beginner. Slightly higher quality in images than Canon 700 D. 50 mm lens of Nikon Featuring auto focus and I used it. It focuses really quickly. Motorized focus is working silently. If you want to reach longer distance you should also have 18-140 mm lens.

Also have lens hoods, tripod and fast micro SD card if you are a beginner. If you have Canon DSLR EF mount f/1.8 50mm lens which is available in my equipment too, is priced at $188. I bought it at the same price few months ago. Its use is generally for catalogue products, close ups to your subject.

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