Harvey Norman Catalogue Office Computers 5 – 21 Apr 2019

If you want to improve the efficiency or start a new office, you might want to take a look at the Harvey Norman Catalogue which offers a great range of computers and electronics. The deals are effective until 21 April. Happy Easter! Browse HP’s all-in-one computers which are pretty popular recently. Most office workers use iMac for digital arts but if you are dealing with something not related to the GPU power, I can recommend you to use some of these HPs computers. Laptops, towers, and all-in-one PCs are very well designed and their hardware works sufficiently for most office works. Easily run a CRM software or simple office software. HP Power Pavilion gaming laptop can also do the job of an office computer. It’s available where the mentioned products are. 8th Gen. Intel i5 processor, GTX 1050 and 15.6″ Full HD screen are enough to make many things with that computer. But if you like desktop computers, towers of HP Pavilion are also available. Browse HP’s all-in-one PCs. Shared graphics might seem not the best but I don’t think it will be a problem for simple tasks. They come with a Windows 10 OS.
I sometimes game in the office. If you like gaming just to distract your brain to think better later, and if you like video games with above-average visuals, then you definitely need a dedicated GPU.

Video games like Spider-Man, Apex Legends, Anthem, Tom Clancy’s Division 2 for consoles are available on pg 11.