Harvey Norman Catalogue PC Deals 24 Mar – 9 Apr 2017

If you think of a PC for your daily works you don’t need to worry about gtx graphic cards or high performance processors unless you plan to edit videos which are raw footage or really big files. Harvey Norman Catalogue PC Deals 24 Mar - 9 Apr 2017A good, smart looking, thin laptop will do the job perfectly, and it will be easy to carry around. You will never struggle with the weight or size of it. Asus Zenbook is a perfect one. SSD storage will make it so much easier to open a video file or anything big. A descent hd graphics card and 8 GB ram will do the office works. Don’t worry about it. I guess you can even do some engineering works, not all the things, but some with this device. One of the cons about this laptop is the screen size. 12.5″ screen might be small for most. But Lenovo Yoga, with similar spects and SSD has 14″ touchscreen. See these two popular laptops on pg 3.

Apple’s new prices at Harvey Norman can be found on pg 4.

Find gaming laptops of MSI on pg 10. Accessories and other parts of computers or laptops are available in the catalogue. EPSON printers and other products can also be found.

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