Harvey Norman Catalogue School 9 – 28 Jan 2018

Harvey Norman Catalogue School 9 - 28 Jan 2018Laptops are essential in studies today. It’s not like old days when you can handle little tasks or even big ones with the help of a library computer or something. Now many studies require software like photoshops, 3D designing programs like ZBrush or most simply the MS Office programs. They must be around all the time you need for instant changes or something. So you need a computer one way or another. Cheap ones, expensive ones, gaming laptops and Mac. They are all available at Harvey Norman with large availability. You can reach hot deals, good deals and all the brands. Acer laptops are relatively cheaper than others. They have some on the cover page. 2-in-1 PCs of Acer come handy because of the mobility easiness and high performance at the same time. Most of them now have full HD screens which means you can even watch good quality movies or videos when you get bored. These computers are mostly 13″ or even smaller ones for simple mobility. They are lightweight and can fit in a backpack. Even your handbag would be sufficient if you need something like that.

2-in-1 PCs of HP, Lenovo and Acer are available on pg 6. 8th Generation processors make things faster now. Asus Zenbook is a handy little computer that can handle your graphic design thingy. They have pens and these pen tabs can help you photoshopping something. Most professional designers now use pen tabs to edit photos. Another respected product of this kind of computers is Microsoft. They have this famous Surface laptop that is so smooth to work on. Check out these prices that are available on pg 8.

Moreover, you will find the desktop PCs. AMD processor, Intel processors and high-performance desktop PCs are usually the options for the professional offices.

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