Harvey Norman Catalogue Sound Products October 2018

Sound quality is as important as the definition of the movie. Most movies are experienced much less than expected because people watch them with the equipment that provides only poor sound quality. Sometimes a director may choose to add a sound in details and you should hear that to understand the scene completely. These are mostly seen in art house movies like No Country For Old Men. I don’t say Coen brothers did something like that but the movie has almost no music. On the other hand, most mainstream movies have scenes that are filled with intense music and you can’t even hear the explosion effects since the music suppresses the sound effect. I say both are important and you need at least a decent quality to get the film’s true quality. Nothing is more satisfying than hearing an instrument in a music, that you have never heard because of the previous speakers of yours had poor quality. That happens when you truly hear it from a high-tech sound product. Harvey Norman Catalogue has awesome hi-fi systems, and soundbars this week. Buy them at fair prices and hear the things you never realized they were there.

Spend your money wisely, you will need it later.

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