Harvey Norman Catalogue Soundbars July 2017

Harvey Norman Catalogue Soundbars July 2017Before choosing a soundbar you might want to know more about them. There are two types of them. Pedestal sound base and sound bars. One of the most popular sound bars is connected with a subwoofer. It could be either with a wire or wireless. One of the advantages of sound bases is that TV remote is not blocked by them. You can stand your TV on them. Disadvantage of sound base is the lack of deep bass. Since sound bars have a separate subwoofer, you would get a nice deep bass from it. However, it’s not the case with sound bases. Various shapes of sound bars are possible to find. Another important thing is their size. Sounbars usually come in standard sizes, however, some companies provide longer boxes that offers biggers sounds. That could increase the price. Asking for a matching size of soundbar with your TV is not essential. So you should check their size if it matches with your TV before buying anything.

Connection is easy. Soundbars are connected directly to your TV via the optical sound output of the TVs. Some includes HDMI inputs. It’s generally used to connect AV devices to the soundbars. I use my soundbar with Bluetooth which is perhaps the easiest method to use them.

These are general information about how to choose a soundbar. However, there are many types of them. Harvey Norman Catalogue offers good deals. Check out some good ones on the list below.

If you want something bigger than a soundbar check out speakers on pg 18. Only they can provide you surrounding system quality. There are various types of surrounding systems. Yamaha, Klipsh, Jamo, HEOS and more brands are available at HN stores this week.

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