Harvey Norman Catalogue Workspace March 2018

A term has been used in recent years especially high-end PCs got their places in the professional world of designers, webmasters and videographers. In fact they have always been in the work places and so it’s always been a workspace but once the hardware choices got so much higher in variety, a categorization was needed. Game PCs, office PCs, workstations etc.

People use workspace PCs and monitors to have the simplicity of diving the display. That’s called Matrix display and it makes a lot of work easier. For example, video editing. You collect your footage, file them and open your editing software. One monitor is for displaying what you do, one is for the footage folder and the other is editing software userface or a timeline. We can extend the examples for most professions. Designers sometimes use only two monitors. Youtube Gameplay Broadcasts may require more than one monitors. One is to follow what’s going on Twitch chat and other is only for playing.

You’ll find these comparable by price/performance mean. If you are a user of Mac or iPad, check out pg 12. We’ll be on that as well. Follow Harvey Norman Catalogue for more deals on electronics, particulary, laptops and computers this week.

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