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Harvey Norman Catalogue can offer you large product range of home appliances, kitchen appliances, laptops, desktop computers, office supplies, tax time essentials, occasional sales like Christmas, Easter, Anzac day etc. Find here the latest current catalogue with the content full of deals like cashbacks, interest-free buying plans etc. Mostly these catalogues are popular for their large ranges. Unlike others, Harvey Norman offers several catalogues at the same time. They prefer to separate aisles catalogue by catalogue.

In our posts you will find the list of top deals from the retailer. Browse current catalogue before shopping for this type of items.

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Harvey Norman Catalogue Air Conditioners

Get Bonus cool cash for Fujitsu, Panasonic, Mitsubishi, Rinnai, Kelvinator air conditioners. If you buy over a 4kW you will get $200 EFTPOS gift card. Rinnai Reverse Cycle inventer split system air conditioner will cost $100 cheaper with a bonus. It's a 2.5kW cooling air conditioner. More products like the ones on pg 2 from Mitsubishi and Rinnai are on sale. Pay $100 lower for each. Of Course, the models vary and a chart is available for each kind. If you have a large place like a big office, you might need a higher capacity for cooling. There are air conditioners up to 9.4kW on pg 3. You can pay this in an 18 months interest-free plan. That's a great deal by HN Stores. Harvey Norman Catalogue is updated here regularly. If you want to follow the updates, check out our Facebook page.

Visit pg 6-7 for the cooling only air conditioners, too. You can see the entire product range of this Harvey Norman Catalogue for more deals.

Harvey Norman Catalogue Game Sep 2018

Gaming laptops have been developed and they made a real progress in recent years. Everything has a gaming version now. Mouse, keyboard, chair. I even saw a gaming backpack. That's unnecessary for sure but a gaming laptop can be a useful device even the majority of gamers prefer the desktop computers. Harvey Norman has a Predator Orion 3000 gaming desktop deal, too. The best graphics here is the GTX 1070 on Predator Helios 500 gaming laptop which is $2994 at HN stores. The catalog highlights two Asus ROG computers on pg 8. Both have GTX 1060 but GL703 is 17.3" which is a minimum screen size for a gaming laptop in my opinion. However, 15.6" is more easy to carry and if you are doing some stuff like video editing, animation or 3D modeling then it's a better choice for you. 17.3" laptops are really painful to carry around most of the times. All these gaming computers have 8th Gen Intel i7 processor. Save $100, $200 on Asus ROGs.

Moreover, game consoles are also available on the catalogue. Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Logitech steering wheel bundle are three gaming products on pg 9. Other than these, you have a list of games for consoles. Check out pg 9.

The new game of Sony Spider-Man looks like real fun. Engage with the bad guys in city of New York and climb the tallest skyscraper of NY to enjoy a fantastic view.

Harvey Norman Catalogue 2-in-1 PC July 2018

Harvey Norman Catalogue offers modern PC devices from the best brands including HP. 2-in-1 PCs are generally used by mobile people who have their profession in designing, coding, writing, modeling etc. If you travel a lot, or go to your office bringing your own computer these light weight, yet high-performance devices will create a comfort for you. This daily comfort comes at a relatively higher costs than regular laptops. Usually, these computers are designed with high-resolution screens. That enables the user see the true colours or videos or images. You can edit videos with these if they have a powerful GPU. Most of them do not have a high-performance GPU for industrial video editing, however, it would be sufficient for full HD videos. If you are a Youtuber or make films with only full HD formats, then these will do the job. But remember to buy a computer with a dedicated video card because integrated ones are easily becoming too hot to continue and eventually the computer shuts down itself. Microsoft Surface PCs did quite a job in recent years. HP's similar products are similar to them. Check out both of these on Harvey Norman Catalogue 13 - 29 July.

For more laptops including gaming computers and workstations, please check out the entire content of this catalogue. Follow our page for more deals from Harvey Norman.