HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop Review 2017

HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop Review 2017The Gaming Pavilion has become a well-balanced laptop computer model. The laptop we like with its processing and graphics performance is a performance game that Skylake and Nvidia come together. But the same thing can not be said for battery life. Because the battery life was short. For that reason, do not think about spending all night or day away from the outlet. On the other hand, although we offer large storage capacity with a 1 TB disk, we would like to see SSD support in this model. Obviously, on a gaming computer, we would prefer the SSD to the touchscreen. However, as we mentioned earlier, Gaming Pavilion is a perfectly balanced laptop with price/performance ratio. Of course, it is up to you to choose.

Different models of HP Gaming Pavilion are available. It is also worth mentioning that the model in our hand is a touchscreen model. But let’s also say that the computer offers different configuration features under different models. In addition to the touchscreen option, the laptop also has an SSD option.

The vast majority of player computers come with customized design. Of course, it is also possible to see more sophisticated models between them. Despite being simple, there are also models that draw attention with its aggressive lines, and the Gaming Pavilion is completely unobtrusive. The laptop, which has a solid black body, obviously succeeds to look beautiful with this sadness. In the meantime, let’s also say that the laptop has a completely plastic crotch.

When you remove the Gaming Pavilion’s cover, you see that the green colour dominates the inner surface. The green rings, rising from the bottom to the keypad, leave the green color on the edge of the keys on the keyboard. If you tell me that the keyboard still has green LED backlight, you can understand that with the interior of the laptop, the entire surface of the exterior is completely wiped off. The green color comes from Nvidia, as can be guessed. The green colour is nice, but these users can be divided into two. This is the only color option. If you do not want to use it, you can close it from the keyboard, but the different options would not be too bad.

In the first stage, of course, we have to start from the screen. The laptop’s screen is 15.6 inches. The LED-backlit panel offers Full HD resolution. We especially liked the view angle support of the screen. You can provide a clear image from almost any angle. In the meantime, I have to say that the screen has touch support. We can not say that it is very convenient for players, but it is also true that those who use this feature are common.

We see an optical drive on the left side of the laptop computer. It is clear that there are still users who need it. There are two USB ports next to it. One of them is USB 3.0, the other is USB 2.0 format. The edge also has an Ethernet port and power connection. On the other side of the laptop is a ventilation grille, headphone HDMI and USB 3.0 port available.

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