HUAWEI P10 Review 2017

The Huawei P10 does not bring big innovations compared to other phones on the market, and in this sense, it has to be competitive in price. In this sense, Huawei can be a bit tricky with the P10. On the other hand, the P10 Plus is more logical than the P10. The Huawei P10 is not much different from the P9 in design. Obviously, I do not need it either, because we liked the P9 quite as a design. This line continues on the Huawei P10. Similar to the P9 as well as the iPhone 6S with rounded lines, the P10 appeals to users’ pleasure by having a large number of color options. Color options include Mystic Silver, Rose Gold, Graphite Black, Dazzling Gold, Dazzling Blue and Greenery.

HUAWEI P10 Review 2017

When you look around the Huawei P10, you find a power button on the right side of the phone that is separated from the sound buttons with a different texture. Just above it is the sound buttons. The left side also has microSD and SIM card slots, and the phone has separate variants as single and dual SIM card models. The phone with the single SIM card at hand has a microSD card slot that can be upgraded up to 256 GB in the same slot.

Huawei, P10, P10 Lite and P10 Plus used different display tongs. We have a 5.1-inch screen on the P10. With this screen, the Huawei P10, which provides us with a Full HD image, offers a display density of 432 ppi pixels and a screen-to-body ratio of 71.2 percent. Let’s also say that the screen on the P10 is protected with Corning Gorilla Glass 5. The brightness of the screen is exceedingly successful. Especially in the summer months when we are exposed to bright daylight, you will not have trouble viewing the screen on this phone.

The Huawei P10 does not make much of a difference to its predecessor at the technical staff point. There’s even a HiSilicon Kirin 960 on the processor’s seat, which is also on Mate 9, which hit the market in November last year. The 8-core processor consists of 4 x 2.4 GHz Cortex-A73 and 4 x 1.8 GHz Cortex-A53 chips. The phone with the Mali-G71 MP8 on the GPU side comes with 4 GB of RAM. Again, the phone has options of 32 and 64 GB storage capacity.

The Huawei P10’s battery life has been further improved by revising it compared to its predecessor. The Huawei P9 has a battery capacity of 3000 mAh, while the Huawei P10 has 3200 mAh. However, in the tests I did, we still saw that the battery of the P10 was not great. The Huawei P9, especially the double rear camera and Leica lenses, has been spoken aloud. The Huawei P9, with its bokeh-inspired photographs, was using a pair of 12 MP lenses. In this model, Huawei once again presented the double lens to us, where he pulled one of the lenses to 20 MP.

In my shoots with the Huawei P10, I caught a lot of beautiful shots, especially in good light conditions. Even so, I can say that the phone gives us the best quality of photos among the Huawei smartphones I have encountered so far. However, I can not say the same thing for low light conditions, unfortunately. I have seen that the P9 gives better results in low light when shooting with two phones.

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