IGA 4-Day Sale Catalogue 2 – 8 Oct 2019

Lower the costs by half with new deals by IGA Catalogue. Grocery, snacks, cheese, deli, bakery, 4-day sale, and more are the content today. Shop at IGA stores to save the maximum amount you can. IGA 4-Day sale has the Footy Finals foods for you. If you have a habit of gathering with friends to watch your favorite AFL games, you might as well do it with the proper food. IGA Catalogue is especially good for those who don’t like to cook for hours. Nobody has got time for a recipe with instruction and preparation that take 2 hours. I presume that you probably already like the items and food products from the 4-day sale. IGA has them on pg 4-8.

IGA snacks half-price deals have been included on the first page of this catalogue. Consider shopping your snack needs at IGA to save more. Solo or Pepsi 24-pack will cost $14. Pay $8.50 for kg of USA white seedless grapes. More items and products on the first page:

Most Aussies don’t take their leave completely. But if you want to use your annual leave this year, I recommend you to stock up some nice snacks. Refreshing beverage and snack bars should be in your pantry so that you won’t spend so much outside. Eating out is the most expensive when it comes to food.

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