IGA Catalogue 26 Oct – 1 Nov 2016

IGA Catalogue 26 Oct – 1 Nov 2016 half prices of the cover page are usual products but they focused on the candies.IGA Catalogue 26 Oct - 1 Nov 2016 Snacks and Listerine mouth wash have been half priced on the cover page. Fresh grocery from IGA and local fresh food are available on pg 2-3. If you are keen on fresh meat offers you are on the correct address. Again IGA offers a good sale of the meat products on pg 3. Chicken tenderloin, Australian beef blade steak or roast priced at $12.99. This is not the limit of the meat products of the IGA Catalogue. Deli fresh meat, pepperoni, Kransky selected are also contained on pg 4. Bakery Packaged breads, muffins and oven snowballs, soft cafe fruit loaf and more products have been contained as well.

Australian beef porterhouse steak $24.99
Australian beef diced or stir fry $15.99 kg
Australian beef blade steak or roast $12.99
BBQ chicken $7.99 pg 4
Tip Top muffins 6 pk $2.99 ea
IGA Baker’s oven muffins 4 pk 340g $4.99

Entertain the snacks and delicious sauces that will add quality and taste in your meal. They will be one of the favorite parts of this catalogue. Check out 40% off on Captain’s Table water crackers. Half priced products like Golden Circle fruit juices, Lindt chocolates are the deals on pg 8&9.

Golden Circle 6x250mL $1.89
Lindt excellence blocks 100g $1.99
Mission Wraps 8 pk $2.49

Celebrate Halloween with the best candies of all markets. Mentos Mini rainbow bag, Chupa Chups mini lollipops 50 pk and many more confectionery can be purchased at IGA for the prices shown on pg 12-13.

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