IGA Catalogue Big Deal Sale Half-Price 27 Feb – 5 Mar 2019

The big deal sale is mainly a discount with a lot of half prices. IGA has been promoting these half-price participating items recently. All of them are half-price deals and viewable in the first weeks. Nescafe cappuccino, Cadbury dairy milk, Kinder Bueno are just a few examples at half prices. Visit see pg 1-5 for the important big deal sale items. IGA offers fresh food featuring potatoes, onions, watermelon, navel orange, beef topside roast, and more on pg 6. 1st March is the day to buy nectarines for only $2.50/kg. See breakfast foods including Nutella hazelnut and Kellogg’s coco pops with the price drops. IGA Market day deals also cover snacks and beverage. You can also see deals better than half prices on pg 10.

Stock up the pantry and frozen foods for the prices on pg 12-13. Reduce the cost of weekly life with food deals at IGA supermarket. Browse ice cream, pizza, biscuits, energy drinks, soda packs, yoghurt and more pantry products on pg 12-13. Nestle or Violet crumble medium bars is a half-price deal. You can also see more breakfast foods such as Bega peanut butter and Kellogg’s crunchy nut. Sharwood’s simmer sauces of the 420g jar are only $2 this week.

IGA Big Deal Sale Half-Price Deals:

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